How to Create Digital Watercolor Painting For Beginners

The creation of a digital watercolor painting has never been easier as it is today with the use of Photoshop. Digital watercolor painting allows even those with little to no painting experience to create beautiful works of art in a fraction of the time. A few simple steps and a few basic Photoshop brushes can help you create a stunning painting. In this article, we will discuss the tools and techniques needed to create a digital watercolor painting.


When it comes to creating a digital watercolor painting, Photoshop offers a wide range of brushes. These brushes can be found in the Brush Library and can be applied to give the painting a watercolor effect. Brushes such as the Watercolor Brush, Pen and Watercolor Brush, and the Watercolor Detail Brush are all great options for creating a digital watercolor painting.

Custom Brushes

In addition to the brushes that come with Photoshop, there are also many custom brushes available online. These custom brushes are designed to mimic the look of traditional watercolor paints and can be used to add a unique touch to your painting.


Once you have your brushes selected, the next step is to begin creating your painting. When creating digital watercolor paintings, there are several techniques that can be used to achieve a unique look. The most important technique is layering. By layering the different brush strokes, you can create a textured and vibrant look. It is also important to keep your brush strokes loose and free flowing to create a more natural look.


Another important technique for creating a digital watercolor painting is blending. Blending will help create an even and realistic look. To do this, you can use the brushs blending mode and opacity settings to adjust the effects.


When creating a digital watercolor painting, color is an essential element. Choose colors that complement each other and will create a cohesive look. You can also experiment with different color combinations to create a unique look.

Benefits of Digital Watercolor

Digital watercolor paintings are easier to create than traditional watercolor paintings. There is no need to worry about running out of water or needing to buy more paint. Also, digital paintings are much easier to undo. If you make a mistake, you can just hit the undo button and start over.Creating digital watercolor paintings can be a fun and rewarding experience. All you need is a few brushes, some techniques, and a bit of creativity. With these tools and a little practice, you can create beautiful digital watercolor paintings that will be sure to stun your audience.

What Is needed For Digital Watercolor Painting?


The most important piece of hardware that one will need is a computer. It is important to have a computer that is powerful enough to run the software needed to create digital watercolor paintings. A laptop or desktop computer that is equipped with a high-performance processor, RAM, and a graphics card is ideal for digital painting.

Drawing Tablet

The next piece of hardware to consider is a drawing tablet. A drawing tablet is a must-have for digital watercolor painters. It allows them to draw and paint directly onto the screen with a stylus or pen. Drawing tablets come in all sizes and are designed to provide a smooth and natural drawing experience.


The display is also an important piece of hardware for digital watercolor painters. A good display will have a high resolution that is capable of showing off the texture and color of the painting. It is important to choose a display that has accurate color reproduction and good viewing angles.